About Us - The MRG Group
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About Us

In operation since 2008, with the reopening of the historic Vogue Theatre in Vancouver BC, The MRG Group has grown into one of the leading hospitality and entertainment companies in Canada. Owning a total of 8 properties across the country, our preeminent venues include: the Vogue Theatre, Yale Saloon, Biltmore Cabaret and The Garrick in the West, along with the Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon, The Porch, Dublin Calling and Adelaide Hall in the East.


Extending beyond the ‘in venue’ experience, MRG Concerts was developed as an amplification of the entertainment branch and has established itself as an industry leading music promotion company. Our latest company initiative MRG Events, was introduced at the beginning of 2017 as an advancement in creating memorable events on a greater scale and kicked off the year with ski themed push Après-ski selling out in a matter of days.


Founder and President Matthew Gibbons, whose unwavering passion to produce incredible experiences, has ensured a committed emphasis on the MRG Experience. This concept remains deeply rooted in everything we do and is the foundation our group has been built upon.


Our core values and appreciation for quality entertainment come together in providing unpretentious fun for all, which is reflected when walking into any one of our venues or events. Driven by excellence, we pride ourselves on creating and facilitating the experiences that you will remember and share forever.


For a full list of our properties and services, click here.